What is the process of disposing junk from a dumpster rental?

What is the process of disposing junk from a dumpster rental

Million tons of waste is produced every year on earth. Once all the junk and garbage are picked up from the houses and buildings, people generally do not care about what happens with it after that.

But let us tell you that the used cans, old newspapers, food containers, and all other junk have to go a long way after getting disposed of. Let us talk about the entire process of disposing of the junk after it is collected from a dumpster rental.

 How is the dump collected for processing? 

When all the trash is collected from your home, the hauler or the dumpster company takes it to the transfer station or the landfill. However, it largely depends on where you live. The garbage can be transported to either a few miles or sometimes even a hundred miles too.

 How is the garbage separated? 

The waste transfer stations accept all kinds of trash. It then sorts all the different materials before sending it to its next destination. These destinations can be landfills or recycling centers.

First, the household items such as metals, paper, plastic items, and bottles are sorted. This process involves a lot of hard work and needs to be done with care. It is more of a labor-intensive process. The workers have to wear special hazmat suits and face protection to prevent any health risks.

After the separation work, the items that can be recycled are sent to the recycling centers in order to be reused. Items in good condition, such as bicycles or books, are sent to be reused in second-hand stores.

 What happens during recycling? 

In the recycling centers, recycling materials are further sorted into different categories. Multiple segregating techniques are used. First, the items are sorted manually. Then the materials are put down under a Near Infra-red line to differentiate the plastics based on the polymers they are made of.

After the sorting process, the materials can be used to make new products. The polymer is shredded into small pieces after it is washed. These small pieces are used as raw materials by the product manufacturers.

 What happens in the landfills? 

Now, the materials that cannot be used again and are nonrecyclable are sent to the landfills. When the landfill is in full, it is covered properly with at least two feet of soil to protect the environment from any contaminants. Some areas have better and eco-friendly alternatives like: –

 Composters- Composters use household waste like food, vegetable peels, etc., and agricultural waste to make compost that can be used for municipal uses.

Trash Incinerators – Incinerators are huge industrial furnaces. These are designed to burn solid municipal waste. It reduces waste by 90%, which remarkably lowers the amount of landfill space required.

 Anaerobic Digestors – Anaerobic Digestion is a biological process that converts waste into energy. This process involves the use of microorganisms. Large tanks called the anaerobic digesters are used for this purpose.

All in all, it’s a complex procedure that plays its part when the junk is hauled away from your property.